Several feature stories by Stanley Tromp for The Vancouver Courier


Centre of Attention. Convention center plans (July 6, 1997)  From FOI

FOI law dilemmas (1998)

UBC journalism school opens (1998)

3-D Photography (1998)

Granville Island cineplex plan (Sept. 30, 1998). From FOI 

Guy Simonis profile, BC Lottery Corporation president (Aug. 18, 1999)

City hall real estate branch (1999)

UBC industry liaison office (1999)

Hong Kong war veterans (1999)

Under the Gun. B.C. DND bases (Nov. 26, 2000).   From FOI  

B.C. Community Charter  (2001)

Fibromyalgia  (2002)  

New BC privacy law  (2003) 

Let the Voting Begin!  Olympic referendum in Vancouver  (2003) 

• Feeling Flushed  (2012)  From FOI

Powers That Bee  (2012)    -  Received prize from the Canadian Community Newspaper Awards

The Next Yaletown?  A dramatic redesign plan will change Marpole forever  (2012)  Sidebar

Radio Heads: Audio drama is experiencing a revival  (2012)  Sidebar

Hanging in Limbo: Critics fear Canada’s new refugee bill may help deport torture victims  (2012)  Sidebar

Embassy closure leads to uncertainty for local Iranians  (2012)

Increased minimum wage will reduce poverty: Premier Christy Clark  (2012) 

University ‘a shared responsibility,’ says UBC’s new president Gutpa  (2014)


Other news stories

Pickton-style serial killings could recur, warns Stevie Cameron   -  (Oct. 8, 2010) 

BC Ferries boss defends his reign   -  (July 1, 2009) 

School's out for Piper: UBC's ex-president on the APEC mistake, corporate cash and other controversies.  -  (Oct. 2, 2006)

Change of guard at UBC: Stephen Toope dug up the truth about Maher Arar. Now he's UBC's president. -  (Sept. 29, 2006)

Indian affairs honcho, well grilled. And other notes from the Assembly of First Nations convention.  -  (July 17, 2006)

We’re raising gamblers  Glamour, tech feed betting habits of BC's kids  -  (April 13, 2006)  

  City works yard hiring, contracting process flawed  Vancouver Courier  (July 31, 2013) 

  Audit warned of purchasing card misuse, fraud, liquor purchases in VCH  Vancouver Courier  (10 Aug. 2011) 

Marpole liquor store will sit on native burial ground  - Vancouver Courier (March 7, 2012)

Marpole shelter welcomes homeless  - Vancouver Courier (March 20, 2012)

Musquem band thwarts Vancouver ground-breaking   -  Vancouver Courier (March 13, 2012)

Langara students vote on barring students from meetings  - Vancouver Courier (Dec. 6, 2012)

Langara student union to do a vote recount   - Vancouver Courier (Dec. 13, 2012)

Langara student union ratifies controversial referendum  - Vancouver Courier (Dec. 21, 2012)

Americans voting abroad could tip balance in U.S. election  - Vancouver Courier (Oct. 31, 2012)

Marpole’s last waltz. And Longtime Marpole dollar store closing - Vancouver Courier (Nov. 21 and April 11, 2014)



Several stories by Stanley Tromp for the Georgia Straight magazine (Vancouver),



DERA factions battle for control

David Flaherty closes down Assessment Office database

David Flaherty blasts BCTV in UBC journalism school speech

Cinplex backers sue Granville Island CMHC  (From FOI)

Granville Island private plan for arts future  (From FOI)

Ufford questioned on charity

Seaport scores 2/10 on East Side impact (From FOI)

Realtor targeted shut-in

Port police may be closed down

Portside could be built on soft land, earthquake risk 

UBC’s top 10 wage earners

Jaggi Singh at APEC

Premier’s phone records stay secret (From FOI)

Flaherty investigating privacy breach on reporters 1995

FOI Act subject to abuse, 1995

Harcourt chooses his favourite convention centre site

VLC fails to live up to daycare promise

J.Schaeffer on gambling expansion laws

BC Lottery Corp. secret poll on BC casino support (From FOI)

Ted Nebbeling speech on Community Charter to UBCM

John Turvey plans on drug treatments

Dosanjh nixes casino-revenue funding

Gastown merchants fear Portside competition

Gastown lights could change colour

Andrew Gruft complains of Portside design

Greystone plan splits meeting in Carnegie Centre

Federal transfer payments drop in B.C. universities 1995

RCMP pays GSS compensation for APEC

Amir Attaran launches lawsuit on UBC graduate fee hike

Bing Thom angry about memos on convention centre plan (From FOI)

Rankin family lawsuit

Anti-competition lawsuit on hydrogen peroxide

Divorced man sues over “deadbeat dad” website

Publish or perish, dilemma of UBC dentist L. Rucker

Unsuccessful applicant Gordon Roback sues UBC film dept.

Records for 2010 Olympics go missing (From FOI)

2005 electoral debate gets intense

Kitimat sues Alcan

Vancouver Police Dept. reduces deficit



Several Campus News Stories by Stanley Tromp



For the Langara Gleaner (Langara College, Vancouver), 1991-93, stories revealed such previously unreported topics as:



  • During the fall 1992 Langara faculty strike, finance minister Glen Clark had secretly interfered with collective bargaining, threatening to scuttle independence for Langara Campus (from VCC) unless faculty agreed to a two-year wage freeze. Dec. 18, 1992



For the Ubyssey student newspaper (UBC), 1995-2000, stories revealed such previously unreported topics as:


  • UBC president said that BC Social Credit government pressured him to stop abortion teaching in UBC medical school - LINK


  • Backroom diplomatic pressure from the Chinese consulate to prevent the Goddess of Democracy statue being erected on UBC grounds (via FOI) - LINK


  • UBC’s confidential $500,000 interest-free loans to deans, and a $350,000 loan to the university president (which had been misstated by UBC years earlier as $250,000), and a confidential $91,000 cash handout to the departing president (all from FOI)


  • Interview with fired UBC Food Services director, story on fired parking and security managers


  • Rough tactics between two large rival photo studio companies feuding for UBC grad photo contracts


  • UBC real estate branch’s private donations to a civic political party


  • UBC forced to change its Policy 116, which the B.C. Information commissioner’s office said gave too much influence on FOI decisions to the university’s corporate partners


  • Internal lists of complaints against UBC RCMP staffers (from ATI)


  • The accidental deletion of hundreds of computerized UBC student medical records




  • UBC’s marketing contract consultant-negotiator (led by a former Coca Cola vice-president), which hired a former UBC marketing official, and received 21 percent of the Coca Cola deal profits (from FOI)



I also wrote on UBC issues for other papers, revealing such previously unreported topics as:


  • UBC’s former president and then vice-president being paid six-figure salaries by UBC while on “administrative leave” and simultaneously working to establish a potentially competing private university in Squamish (Georgia Straight, 1999), a story that prompted the AMS to complain to the B.C. Ombudsman


  • A story on UBC improperly freezing Dr. Pat McGeer’s Alzheimer’s disease research funds. (Vancouver Magazine, June 2000); used records from FOI


·       $450,000 allegedly stolen by UBC official (John Mwotassubi)   (Vancouver Sun, July 16, 2011)  From search warrant. In 2012, this finance manager was sentenced to two years house arrest for theft from B.C. Children’s Hospital  


  • UBC science professors moonlighting at public expense through the University-Industry Liaison Office, UILO (Vancouver Courier, 1998)





The Last Word. Vancouver Sun editor Neil Reynolds’s view on what a newspaper should be. UBC journalism school. (Summer 2001)   CAJ Media Magazine