Reviews of the report ‘Fallen Behind: Canada’s Access to

Information Act in the World Context’



“This report is by far the most comprehensive comparative analysis to date of Canadian and international access to information laws. It is an invaluable resource to those seeking to assess the various Canadian laws in this area, and indeed to anyone interested in comparative research in this area.”


- Toby Mendel, law program director of London-based human rights organization Article 19


“I’ve now had the opportunity to review your report. I want to congratulate you for this initiative, its quality and exhaustive scholarly content. It will stand as a significant reference for all who are interested in the FOI field, but more importantly for those who advocate that Canada should be at the forefront as a governance model for the rest of the world.”


- Robert Marleau, Information Commissioner of Canada


“In the fall, with Right to Know Week, your report might well be an important catalyst as the centerpiece of the week. . . . This is a very good piece of work - I learned a great deal from it myself.”


- John Reid, former Information Commissioner of Canada


"This will be a key reference globally for those fighting for freedom of information.  It's thoroughly researched and very clearly written. This is a significant achievement in the field."


            - David Loukidelis, British Columbia Information and Privacy Commissioner


"Collecting and analyzing information about the burgeoning number of open government laws is extraordinarily hard work.  Stanley Tromp has provided a valuable service is showing the emerging international standards, and what Canada must do to regain its status as a leader on transparency."

             - Alasdair Roberts, Jerome L. Rappaport Professor of Law and Public Service, Suffolk University Law School, Boston, author of Blacked Out: Government Secrecy in the Information Age. (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2006)


“From the comparative law perspective, Mr. Tromp’s report is an extremely valuable resource document, containing a large amount of interesting information regarding FOI regimes around the world.”


- Internal memo prepared by counsel for Public Law Policy Section, Canadian Department of Justice. Dec. 15, 2008.


 “Stanley Tromp has done us all a great service in compiling this thoughtful analysis of freedom of information law and policy around the world.  Its remarkable scope and its detailed analysis of the key issues are staggering. His spread sheet, World FOI Chart, alone is worth the price of admission. In a sense, he has become our conscience in this crucial policy field. . . .  Freedom of information is a right worth fighting for.  Stanley Tromp has been a real champion of this right: he leads the way for the rest of us to follow.”


- T. Murray Rankin, QC, Adjunct Professor of Law, University of Victoria, author of Freedom of Information in Canada: Will the Doors Stay Shut? (Ottawa: Canadian Bar Association, 1977)







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